Cities Skyline and Assassins Creed Revelations (and the rest of the Assassins Creed series)

If you haven’t seen it yet, Cities Skyline is the new big thing in terms of city builders and I totally want it – I have watched so many videos and think it is amazing, but my laptop won’t be able to run it because I have an integrated graphics card. I thought for a while that I would be able to get it so finding out that I couldn’t was so disappointing – so of course I figured I would just buy myself a different game! However, luckily, my boyfriend’s laptop is able to run Cities Skyline and after I was a total fan-girl over it, he decided to pick it up and is spending ages on it, so I look forward to making my own little city over the Easter holidays with him even if I can’t have the game myself.

So my consolation game was Assassins Creed Revelations, so that’s awesome as I got in for about 4 quid in the Ubisoft Steam sale and it had been on my wishlist for ages. I’ve played AC2 on PC which is one of my top games of all time, and then have AC3 on WiiU which I am playing through, but only when home as I haven’t brought my WiiU to uni, but that’s fine as now I have this one. So I’m playing them in a pretty dodgy order, but eventually I want to play all of them, so then I guess I will be able to appreciate it all a lot more (a maybe play them all again in order!). I haven’t gotten very far into this one yet but am really enjoying it, I do know the basics of the one before it so I wasn’t totally clueless when it came to the starting sequences so that was okay really.

I had the issue when I first started playing it in using the controls again. I seem to have this problem with all AC games which I haven’t played for a while because I know I kept struggling with it if I put down AC2 for a bit too long, then with AC3 it was hard to get used to a controller, the same with when I played AC Unity at London’s Comic-con. So basically what I’m trying to say is that I completely suck at these games, but I absolutely love them and am so excited to get into this one more. From what I’ve played of them all so far, AC2 is still my favourite, then I still feel a bit clueless in AC3 so maybe Revelations would be my second favorite out of the 3.

I’ll probably go into them a bit more if I do a post after completing these 2, but for now my next post will probably be on Don’t Starve Together, so I’ll see you then!


World of Warriors

World of Warriors is just a game I found while browsing through the Apple App Store, but I am now totally in love with it! I basically just bought this because it looked like it was a bit of a strategy simulation game and I’ve been playing loads of Civilization V lately but had gotten bored of it so wanted something similar to just play around with occasionally. World of Warriors isn’t like Civ in terms of what the game is, only in its genre, and then within how it’s about battling people from different civilizations, but I wanted it to be a bit different. This game was therefore so perfect for what I wanted because its one that can just be picked up and put down at any point so I was able to play it while writing my essays a without just losing myself in it entirely and getting no work done. I would probably describe it as a mixture of Civilization and Pokemon because of how you play as warriors from different civilizations, each with different abilities, but the actual combat is quite like Pokemon with how it’s just turn based attacks between 2 people and you can keep switching out who you are fighting with, and then with how there are the warrior types too. There are just 4 warrior types: fire, grass, air and water which interact together in different ways, like the Pokemon types, but there is only 4 which is much simpler so I’m a fan of that as I always forget the type advantages in Pokemon.

I’ve only had the app for about a week now but have been playing it for a couple minutes now and then throughout every day so far and you get gems for going on the app every day too which is great as they can be quite hard to get. I think that that’s the one downside of the game; at the start you’re given gems every few minutes and get 4 warriors almost instantly as it tells you to spend your gems to buy them. Yet since that point I’ve cashed in loads of the gems from logging in each day and as rewards from my battles yet haven’t got any more warriors. I think this is only with the blue gems which are the ones which are easier to get (but still not that common as battles will often give you other rewards like crafting items or coins), while the red gems seem like they will always give a warrior but I haven’t even gotten enough red gems to try this yet. The only real reason this annoys me so much is because I’m not sure if the warriors you get in the tutorial are a fixed set, and I do like the abilities of mine, but I don’t have a yellow (air) type warrior meaning I completely suck in battles against multiple blue warriors because I can’t get a type bonus.

However, other than the disappointment of not being able to get more warriors as fast as I thought I would be able to, I have no issues with the game and am totally addicted. I love that there are so many different game types as you can do the main story line battles, portal battles (a special fight in order to earn different rewards each day), tower battles (take on different battles, earning rewards that keep getting better and then you have the option to take your winnings or risk them to do another battle) and then arena battles. The arena battles are new today (I’m pretty sure) and are just ranked battles against other players, then both the arena and temple battles have warriors to earn if you rank up to a certain level, but I am nowhere near good enough and haven’t put enough time into these yet so sadly haven’t.

I would love to hear if anyone else has been playing this game and what you think of it, but for now that’s it so I’ll see you soon!

To The Moon (Video Game)

I finished this game just minutes ago and I loved it! It wasn’t perfect; the movement annoyed me a few times as I’m not used to point and click games, then at the start I just wasn’t very into the story but it really picks up. I would say this game is all about the story, focusing on two people who allow patients to relive their lives based on one wish as they try to help an old man who wants to go to the moon. In order for the life to be relived, they must travel through the old man’s memories, linking his wish to his childhood so that he will grow with the desire of becoming an astronaut, but the story’s large focus is on the man and his wife. By travelling through the man’s memories you discover the story about him and his wife and this is what makes this game great. I’ve never seen a game before which focuses on a relationship in this way and it was just extremely sweet, making me cry a couple times.

The music is also an important part of the game, with piano music spanning throughout and with no voices for characters or in the music other than one song quite near the end which fits in really well with everything that happens. One moment I thought was particularly sweet, despite not being important to the plot in any way was when Neil, one of the people travelling through the memories, can go into a room where John, the old man, but here is younger sits playing the piano while the silhouette of him and his wife dancing from earlier in the game is shown on the floor. It was just a really simple and really sweet moment that I thought was a nice thing to add in to the game. In total the game only took me 4 hours so is relatively short but seems just right when playing. It’s available on steam and although I’m not sure if it is one I would replay, I would definitely say it is one you should pick up and play though just because it was so very sweet.

Pokemon X&Y

So, guess what game I’ve been playing…

The new Pokemon games are the the first video games I have ever actually waited for, been excited for, and pre-ordered. I’ve never been massively into Pokemon like some people, it was just a game I liked; when I was young I would sneak into my brothers room in order to borrow Pokemon yellow. All of the Pokemon games only have one save slot, so of course I was never allowed to save, but I must have started that game so many times. Then the next one I owned although I have played some of the others was Pearl, followed by Black version 2 and now Y.

I have never finished either Pearl or Black 2 despite liking them, but I will definitely finish this one, I was expecting it to be good just from the fact that a whole load of my friends had it so we can do it together, but this is better. I had heard about the hoard battles and a few little bits like that, and I knew the animation was better, but I didn’t really think it would make any real difference to the game. I don’t know exactly what it is that makes X and Y miles above the others in my estimations but it is truly a great game.

My team if you are interested is currently; Delphox, Venusaur, Blaziken, Fletchinder, Psyduck, and Butterfree. Overall I have played almost 29 hours, the most I have played a game in such a short time (I got it on the 11th, it is now the 19th). A lot of people I know had finished the main story after playing it for this long, but I have only just completed the 3rd Gym as I like to take my time in these games. Definitely a game I would recommend to anyone at all, absolutely brilliant, and I hope to see you out there fellow trainers.

Assassin’s Creed 2

I finished this game pretty recently and as of yet I believe it is one of my favourites of all time, I had never played an Assassin’s Creed before or any other game like it really but I absolutely loved this one. As a general thing, I am terrible at all video games despite how much I love them and so of course this took me ages to get used to, and I think I only really got good at the end. It took me over 24 hours of gameplay, spread over about half a year and every second was amazing! I would recommend this one to pretty much anyone who likes video games and isn’t too young. The story was really good, the missions were cool, the freeplay was fun and the entire thing just fitted together brilliantly, can’t wait to get some of the others although sadly I don’t think my laptop can handle the newer ones.