Sword Art Online – Series 1

I watched the first couple episodes of SAO months ago and although I thought it looked good didn’t watch any more until now when I started again and watched the whole first season in just a few days because I was so hooked. I loved Kirito’s character who the story follows as one of the gamers stuck inside the virtual world of Aincrad because the maker took away the log-out button and made it so the headgear would fry your brain if you died in the game or someone out of the game tried to remove it from you. The entire idea is just amazing, I felt it had the right amount of creepiness and excitement to it as you watch the players gradually beat the different floors so they can get to the highest level of Aincrad to beat the boss which will set them free from the game and yet you are also seeing thousands of the members dying. There is so much action and drama that I just wanted to keep watching to see what would happen next to each character and to see whether they would make it. I also really loved the romance part too as everyone just needed saving and so were banding together in couples and guilds, Kirito’s love was just adorable though, the sweetness in it as well as all the funny parts between them.

I don’t think there is really much else I want to say without spoilers so if you haven’t seen any of Sword Art Online I definitely just recommend watching the first episode. The rest if this post is now going to have spoilers though.

The part where Kirito joins a small group for a while was really sweet as he was allowing himself to make friends, avoiding the scary and selfish aura he had given out in order to make the others work together better. The girl was sweet and her death scene was quite sad although what really got me with that was the voice recording she left him as a Christmas present, admitting that she knew she was not good enough to keep going with the fight and would die. My favourite female character was definitely Asuna though as she was really strong and dedicated all though the first part of the series. The midway point in the season where there is the final battle and where the game of SAO is completed was just so sad, I had absolutely no clue that was going to happen and so was just crying so much and really taken by surprise. It was sweet and powerful and essentially just heart breaking to watch them each sacrifice themselves; Asuna for Kirito and then Kirito so that all of the other players could live. I liked the part with the sunset afterwards as they were waiting for the system to delete them and therefore kill them in real life too as it was nice to see them there together saying goodbye.

I was not as much of a fan of the second half of the series as although the world was cool, and Kirito’s determination and love were so lovely and powerful, Asuna felt dull. In the first part she had been so strong but here she just seemed weak, because yes she did escape for a short while and she gave them the card to get her out, but she was just around not doing much. Obviously she was literally caged up but rather than just look a bit unhappy as Nobuyuki tried to manipulate her, I wanted her to fight back, to beat him, to be more than just a person who needs help. I loved Leafa though, her character went well with the new game and with Kirito while the love for Kirito was both weird and rather sweet as she seemed so hopeless but was constantly fighting through and you saw her actually confront her brother with it rather than just sit around feeling bad about her situation.

All in all, I absolutely loved Sword Art Online and am excited to watch the second series as I don’t know how it is going to follow on but I really like all the characters and just know it is going to be a mash of action and emotions. I’d love to hear opinions on SAO as there is so much to be a fan of and I’m curious as to what people did not like so feel free to leave a comment and I’ll see you next time.


‘All the Lights In the Sky’ – Area 11

I’m a massive fan of YouTube, I started with blogs and then got into web-series and more recently into gaming channels. I never really liked the idea of watching other people play games, I thought the entire idea of it was stupid unless you were actually stuck at a part in a game. When I first got the technic mod pack for minecraft I went to Youtube and started watching the Yogscast main channel series just to get an idea of what it was all about, and of course I instantly fell in love with it.

This is where I found Area 11; a band with two members in the Yogscast and who make the theme music for some videos. I loved their stuff and so went to look around their channel and sure enough they are such an amazing band. They do ‘gaijin rock’ music based around anime’s which I think is pretty cool, and so I bought their album ‘All the Lights In the Sky’ not that long ago and it is all I have listened to since, my favourite song being ‘Shi no Barado’. I haven’t seen many animes but really want to go check out some of the ones from their songs as I love both this music and most of the animes I have seen.

For the band’s YouTube Channel go here; http://www.youtube.com/user/area11band.

‘Deadman Wonderland’ – The Anime

Not that long ago I watched the anime series (12 episodes) of ‘deadman wonderland’ and it was incredible! The entire idea was pretty creepy but then the way that it ended was brilliant with us finding out who the dreaded ‘red man’ was. The plot is that a boy called Ganta (the main character who the story follows) was brought up in Tokyo until a massive earthquake hit and he was evacuated out. This is where it starts; a few years later, with Ganta in school when the ‘red man’ flies up to the window of his classroom and kills every single one of his classmates but leaves him alive. Ganta is then framed for the crime and sent to a strange sort of prison back in Tokyo, the setting for everything that happens.

None of this is spoiling anything other than part of the first episode I think, and I haven’t even scraped the surface on all of the massive, amazing, super creepy action that happens throughout. I heard about this anime from a video by a Youtuber I watch, which is right here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBf55E5dtvQ&list=PLaBpnUQsJegZbzJZmpWjHDXi7f7UXaWGi&index=1. But you should definitely check this out if you are into anime or just creepy shows, it’s not aimed at kids though so there is swearing and stuff but it isn’t too bad,