Breaking Bad

I haven’t posted for a while even though I want to get back into it after NaNoWriMo, but it has turned out I have a mountain of college work to stress me out. Here however is the post I had wanted to do on the amazing American TV show Breaking Bad. I bought the first series for my boyfriend’s birthday as it was something he had mentioned to me about wanting us to see. I had heard about the show being good but hadn’t bothered to really see what it was about, but wow, it is absolutely brilliant. The plan was that we would watch it together but it was so good that my boyfriend had finished watching the series in just a couple days, then passed it to me, and I didn’t take much longer to see it all.

The main plotline is that of a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has lung cancer, and so in the fear of dying and leaving his family with nothing, when he finds out an old student is selling meth, he asks to join him. He then goes on to use his chemistry knowledge to make the drug and then the disasters and hilarity ensues. It is the sort of programme that can have you crying (or at least me, but I am a wimp) then laughing and just sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time. The bits at the start of the episodes I think are great as for example in the first episode it starts with him standing in the middle of the road in just a shirt and a pair of pants holding a gun and then the episode is a sort of flashback showing how he got to that point. 

The whole series absolutely genius, the characters are great, the storyline is great, even the episode names are clever with the 2nd being; ‘Cat’s in the bag’ the the 3rd is; ‘and Bag’s in the river’ like the saying. Definitely one you should watch but not for young audiences. Personally I can’t wait to get and watch season 2. The whole show is finished now but there seems to be a few series so I am looking forward to seeing what happens. The names of the coming series are intriguing, the last is ‘Remember My Name’, so I am curious to whether this is meaning Walter/Heisenberg (the main character) shall die. There’s not really much else I can say about it without giving away too much, but you really start to feel for the main character and I loved seeing how he changed as the series progressed.


New Girl Season 2 (but mostly just ramble)

I’m back at college now so haven’t posted in a while but I am loving having a blog so am going to try and keep posting often, and today’s topic is New Girl! I don’t tend to watch that much telly other than while eating so New Girl was really the only show recently that I looked forward to watching. Most of what I watch is either films or YouTube (a very large portion probably being YouTube actually), so I think it’s nice to have actual shows occasionally. Most of the shows I do watch tend to be on E4 as well, just because it’s an amazing channel, for instance the last programme I really loved was Revenge, that was absolutely brilliant!

Anyway, New Girl was good, I was curious to how the series would end with the whole Cece and Schmidt thing going on so that was interesting, but most of all I love Nick and Jess! I am a total sucker for a love story and this one was so cute, with it building up through the whole series and literally ending with them just driving off together. Also the entire wedding was seriously funny, Winston’s idea of pranking is unbelievable!

Sorry for such a bad post but if I try too hard to make it good at the minute it might not come at all as I have so much work and stuff but it will be fine, post again soon!