Frozen (Film)

I absolutely love everything about Disney princess movies, there is just something about them that feels magical, that makes you feel like you are right in the middle of Disneyland, back to the belief that you can be a princess. But then maybe that is just me. You see, the thing with Disney is that they never bring out just an ordinary film and even then hardy ever are they only good; nearly always they are nothing less than amazing. This element of the extraordinary, these clear cut lovely characters, beautiful animation and songs that are both inspirational and catchy. I get that to some people these are just ordinary films but to me Disney makes most of the few films that can draw me in as much as books do, making  me feel I am part of this magical story.

Frozen was especially adorable in that I have been really excited to see it and so in anticipation I had found the song ‘Let it go’ by Idena Menzel on YouTube which is an amazing part of the film and is seriously beautiful, the animation, the magic, the singing, all of it, and I have heard it so many times now. One you really should not miss out on; Not only is it great for the movie but is just an amazing song in itself and one I feel is pretty inspirational in the whole ideal of the past being in the past, and just letting it all go, moving on and being yourself.

The character in the song is stunning and powerful while her sister is cute and a tad on the silly side with how innocent she is, together they are just so sweet. There is a moment where an act of true love is needed in the film and how they do this is truly amazing, it sounded like it was going to be the classic sort of sleeping beauty style act, yet what actually happens is just so much sweeter. Seriously the only criticism of this film that I have is that it is too short, clocking in at only 108 minutes whereas I would have been happy to sit there for much longer considering how amazing I found it.

I would say it is one that has something for everyone, I was originally a bit disappointed at the teaser trailer of the carrot on the ice; as I felt it looked a lot like Ice Age which I have never really liked, yet a little spoiler for you, that sequence isn’t actually in the film. The snowman from it is truly cute though, and the reindeer is funny and cute when put together with Kristoff, especially as you get to see them as kids at the start and then guess at what happened between then and when they are adults.

There is something for pretty much anyone who likes Disney within this film; it is cute, funny and sad, there’s princesses and love, even a snow monster. My favourite parts were probably the songs of ‘Let it Go’ and ‘Do You Want To Build a Snowman?’ while my favourite lines have to be ‘I don’t have a skull… or bones’ from Olaf the snowman, and Hans saying his brothers pretended he was invisible for two years, as both moments were really funny and cute. A film you should absolutely see and one I am pretty sure I will buy both the DVD and the soundtrack for. Go ahead and tell me whether you have seen it and your thoughts in the comments.


‘All the Lights In the Sky’ – Area 11

I’m a massive fan of YouTube, I started with blogs and then got into web-series and more recently into gaming channels. I never really liked the idea of watching other people play games, I thought the entire idea of it was stupid unless you were actually stuck at a part in a game. When I first got the technic mod pack for minecraft I went to Youtube and started watching the Yogscast main channel series just to get an idea of what it was all about, and of course I instantly fell in love with it.

This is where I found Area 11; a band with two members in the Yogscast and who make the theme music for some videos. I loved their stuff and so went to look around their channel and sure enough they are such an amazing band. They do ‘gaijin rock’ music based around anime’s which I think is pretty cool, and so I bought their album ‘All the Lights In the Sky’ not that long ago and it is all I have listened to since, my favourite song being ‘Shi no Barado’. I haven’t seen many animes but really want to go check out some of the ones from their songs as I love both this music and most of the animes I have seen.

For the band’s YouTube Channel go here;