University Catch-Up

I’m about half way through my second term of university now, I haven’t been posting just because of all the work I have to do. As a literature student, I am meant to read 2 books a week and write 500 words a week in addition to an essay due in every 2-3 weeks, so after all that writing I’m not really in the mood to write a blog post as well. I get stressed out pretty easily and so when I’ve had free time am wanting to hang out with my friends, visit my boyfriend and family or just gaming, but have missed blogging, it’s nice being able to just write about the things I like.

As it has been so long, I’m not going to bother with an update on all the books, films, games and anything else I would have wanted to post about, I’ll just start again from here, posting when I have time and just about the things I want to. I’ve sorted out a sort of plan for how I will change up my working routine so that I’ll have time to read all the books and should also have enough time and different things going on that I shouldn’t feel too stressed or pressured into posting. I would totally recommend that anyone going to university for a course which is mostly independent work to sort out some sort of plan for what work you will do when. This is just because before I made a proper plan like this it can be a bit intimidating to have so many deadlines and wanting to get everything perfect that you can start neglecting the work which isn’t as important so for me this would mean that I’d skip a few of the books I had to read when I was getting really stressed.

I’ve started doing pilates and yoga everyday though and that has seriously helped me to stop stressing out and is also great for self confidence and everything even though I mostly just started it to get fit. It has really helped me in that too, I’ve got all my muscle back, maybe even a little more than before, and am getting out of breath a lot less too because although I’m a regular size, I was really unfit!

I think that’ll be about it for now, meaning I don’t know when I’ll post next but I’m looking forward to just having fun with this again! See you soon!

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