Brave (The Amazing Disney Film)

I am such a big fan of Disney, and so every single time I see a new film of theirs it seems to instantly become my favourite, or at least for a while. Brave was one I wanted to see when it came out but just never got around to it, so of course seeing Disney films were 2 for 1 in HMV was a great chance to pick up the bluray. It was so well animated, the main characater has the amazing great mass of curly hair and I swear each little ringlet bounced when she walked along, but then I get really impressed with animation. The story was absolutely adorable, and the three little brothers were hilarious, I seriously recommend watching this one.

The actual film was not all that I loved about this though, also on the disc were two animated short films, one related to the movie; giving a bit of background on the history based part (Mordu) and the other nothing to do with the story of Brave but really sweet, called La Luna. Also if you have not seen the theories behind the Pixar films all being in the same universe you definitely should, it’s really clever and adds to the whole thing for when you see the bits in the films from the others. For example, in Brave there is a woodcarving of Sulley from Monsters Inc and another of the pizza planet truck from on of the Toystory films. Here’s the link to someone’s theory;, it does contain spoilers for the films if you haven’t seen them but is worth reading. I’ll post sometime soon about The Princess and the Frog which is the film I got in the 2 for 1 with Brave.


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