‘Oryx and Crake’ – Margaret Atwood

This book was amazing! I have no idea what I was expecting when I picked this up but I know I was not thinking that it would be this good. The blurb was pretty weird but good, and I was told it was in a sort of hunger games style which is a series I loved and so I figured I would try it out. When someone says hunger games style I was thinking more of a brutal free for all survivalist killing spree, especially as the blurb mentioned the main character lived in a tree and wore just a bed sheet. This however was not quite right, the way that this is similar to hunger games is in the idea of a future dystopia  which at times can be a bit survivalist and slightly brutal. 

I’m struggling to explain how this book works as it is just such a strange read. Basically, there are two times that it flips between, distinguishable by the main character’s name changing between them, so in the first he is Jimmy, a young man living what is classed as an ordinary life in these times, and then there is an event which changes everything. This causes him to change as a character; becoming Snowman, which is the persona living in the tree wearing just a sheet.

The writing of this was amazing as you were made to sympathise with certain characters and turn against others, all while wondering what is was that happened, how everything fits together and how it is to end. It is not until the end of the novel that you find out what it was that happened, which is always a feature I really love in books as it builds up so much curiosity and tension that you don’t want to stop reading. The whole storyline was flawless and I would seriously recommend this to anyone from young adult and up, it was great. There are parts that mean it is aimed for adults but nothing too graphic just things that might make you feel a bit awkward.

My favourite quote was one talking about the events when Jimmy is Snowman but looking back at his life as Jimmy and was; ‘every moment he’s lived in the past few months was dreamed first by Crake. No wonder Crake screamed so much’. Another great quote was; ‘What could he have said or done differently? What change would have altered the course of events? In the big picture, nothing. In the small picture, so much.’

4 thoughts on “‘Oryx and Crake’ – Margaret Atwood

      1. You should definitely finish the Maddaddam trilogy. I also really like The Blind Assassin (she won the Booker Prize for it) and Alias Grace (based on real people and events). There are so many other books by her though – go wild!

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