Holidays – Battle of Flowers, Jersey

While I was in Jersey a flower festival was on, which may not sound very exciting but was actually really awesome because it is actually a parade with floats made of flowers and the energy behind it is amazing. In the days before the 2 days of the festival you would often see warehouse type shed where people would be working on their floats and this seemed to be going on for hours on end with loads of people around. The festival is clearly a huge community thing which I really love the idea of, as when seeing the people at the sheds there would be people of all ages and they would be working and eating picnics and stuff and then at the actual parade there would be floats for both adults and children. It was all really sweet and lovely, the kind of thing I wish you could do in England only it would never work as England has too many people who would hate on this kind of thing and it could easily be ruined where as Jersey is a small island with a small population and a very communistic feel to it which we just do not have. Anyway, the festival was fantastic, with so many people, such beautiful floats and an amazing vibe. The floats were awarded prizes, the biggest of which went to a float called ‘Beyond the Barricade’ which was based on ‘Les Miserables’ and I loved the singing and dancing of the people on it. A few of the others that I though were really good were; ‘The Magic Roundabout’ which was just adorable, especially Dougal, ‘Who’s Who’ a Doctor Who themed float, ‘Super Mario’ which had an amazing bit on the back depicting that picture of Bowser holding Peach from the games, and ‘Never Ending Stories’ which was a fairytale themed float with amazing detail. I have even more favourites than that but there were 28 floats in total and all of them were incredible though, so here are just a few of my photos from the day parade;



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