Holidays – Durrell Conservation Trust, Jersey

The Durrell Conservation Trust (the formerly known Jersey Zoo) is so sweet, it is not like all of the zoos I have been to before, so I can see why they changed the name as the main object of this place is clearly conservation as they have many projects all over the world rather than just focusing their efforts on the zoo part. There is even an exhibition on the man who set up the place and also a talk on how he came to choose the logo, all of this is great as it makes it all seem a lot more real rather than just staring at animals. Although, yeah I do like that part too, my favourite is always the orangutans, I think it’s ever since I saw a show on telly about a place where they were looking after baby ones and they were clinging onto people and it all looked so adorable. But anyway, again I loved the orangutans, but maybe even topping them at this place was the gorillas, purely because of the baby one which was so human like that it was strange. The logo of the zoo is a dodo, and from the gift shop I even got a pen and pad with the cartoon version of it on, the idea is that Gerald Durrell who created all of this took the dodo as his inspiration to try and stop this happening to other species, an act in which they seem to succeed. To accompany the logo and this idea there is now an animation, made by the people who did Wallace and Gromit while voiced by the amazing Stephen Fry it is so adorable and amazing. The video is here; and you should definitely watch it as it is so great. Here are some photos from my visit to the trust as well, including baby meerkats;



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