Holidays – Elizabeth Castle, Jersey

I went to Jersey for a week after going to London, Jersey is one of the channel islands, just 9 by 5 miles, and is so beautiful. On my first day there I went to Elizabeth Castle in St Helier which was pretty good, there’s a small path leading from the bay to the castle entrance which I took to get to the castle but when the tide comes in the path is completely covered and there’s a small amphibious ferry to take you back to the mainland. The views from the castle are awesome while the stuff in the castle is also cool, there’s a couple of actors walking around who sit on the wall above the door with a gun, then later do a talk in the courtyard along with a marching demonstration and then the firing of a cannon. Along with the cannon they fire there are many more dotted around the castle grounds as well as in a museum building which also has rooms showing what the living conditions would have been like for soldier and officers. It’s all really interesting and there is loads to see which is good as it links into the characters’ talk. Some photos I took;



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