Holidays! – London (Other)

Also while in London (as well as this; I visited the Golden Hinde which is a ship that Francis Drake set sail on under Queen Elizabeth the First’s reign. They then managed to open trade links and claim land under the name of the queen, all of which gave him a journey to make him the first person in England to circle the world which is pretty amazing. The ship itself was not really that interesting as there is not that much to look at or do (although I gather there can be talks) but it was fine and I got some pictures;



I also went to the British Museum although not for long so I only saw a couple of the exhibits which I have some pictures of as well;



The only other thing I did while in London was shopping in the Westfield at Stratford which I really like, I got a load of tops and some awesome new shoes there so that was cool. This post isn’t very wordy but has a load of picture purely because I didn’t spend very long at the ship and the museum and I’m sure you don’t want to hear about shopping but yeah, London was great as always.

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