Holidays! – The Shard, London

I haven’t done a post for a while as I’ve been holidaying, starting with London where I went to see the Shard which is the tallest building in Western Europe at 800ft. It was so cool, I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower before and it was essentially the same sort of idea only as someone who has been to London quite a lot I know most of the main landmarks and so it was awesome to see it all from a different angle and see all of the layout of it like that. I took a whole load of photos as I always love going overboard with my camera, so here are some shots from both up the Shard and looking at it from the street;


So yeah, it was really good, there’s a sort of reception area with a gift shop at the bottom. two lifts which take you up, and then the viewing platforms with another gift shop. The viewing platforms also include named images of things you should be able to see in each direction and a type of binoculars with a screen which can show either the live shot, a night time shot, a day shot, or a sunrise shot which is pretty cool. From one of the gift shops I bought a set of 3 magnetic bookmarks which I think are pretty cool as they fit together to show the Shard and surrounding area at sunset.

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